Another year, another round of budget-friendly gift suggestions from the SA Forum Goons, another link to the theme song from the Van Damme/Rob Schneider buddy movie Knock Off: Some holiday traditions never change! But this installment is a little different -- in addition to the usual dollar-store finds, it features products from the Chinese warehouse site DealExtreme and, more alarmingly, its sister site for "adult products," Intimate Gadgets!

Rhys Wilde

Fooley: This is cool and all but I wouldn't buy it unless lay egg is true


Category Fun!: Do you have a video of this? I need to know if action is truely scamper

Lizard Combatant


Sir Unimaginative

Big Grunty Secret

Spotted at a Christmas Tree Shops in Framingham, MA. Christmas Tree Shops is full of cheap junky shit, but the face on the train really sold me.

Fixed Gear Guy: Thomas the Engine

Tars Tarkas

More Comedy Goldmine

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