Trillaphon: Of course, as we all know, one of the major pitfalls of trying to do a sequel to a revisionist historical children's cartoon about the Titanic and how it was actually just a giant party ark for a bunch of talking animals instead of a floating coffin for all those real people who died tragically in black, icy water is trying to sidestep the landmines of factual inaccuracies.

Hydrogen: I know if I was going to do a movie about the King of Atlantis kidnapping Titanic survivors and force-feeding them immortality juice as part of some kind of weird aquatic eugenics experiment, I'd really want to nail it. Good thing we have the usual crowd of IMDB hypervigilantes on our side to keep them honest:

Trillaphon: Factual error: in reality, homosexuals are not allowed in Atlantis by law, and Pingo would most likely be sentenced to summary execution or banishment instead of holding a high position of government office.

Hydrogen: Factual error: laser pistols do not exist, and if they did exist they would not have a "skelefun" setting.

Trillaphon: Factual error: the Titanic sunk well before the rise of the Nazi party.

Hydrogen: Factual error: what the fuck is that thing, and why isn't everybody trying to kill it on sight?

Trillaphon: I won't hear you spreading these blasphemies about our Triumphantly Glorious Heavenly Crunchy Yet Chewy Yet Still Oh-So-Gooey Dear Reader I Love My Baby's First Pretty Luscious Pony Pocket Locks Leader and Most Supreme All-Purpose Coral Golem Barcalounger Slash Underwater Bidet, His Honorable Rockalicious Kim-Jong Krill, Complete With Stress-Crushing Deluxomatic Ass Massage Jets.

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