Hydrogen: Should we tell them about how that Merman guy sounds exactly like Garry Marshall when he talks?

Trillaphon: Maybe we should skip to the part where there's like 4 Garry Marshalls running around and half the characters sound exactly the same because the 5 voice actors playing all of them didn't even bother trying to change their voices at all?

Hydrogen: Actually, let's just focus on the fucking dialogue:

Trillaphon: This is the kind of weird paranoid dialogue you could only get from filtering the jittery fever dreams of an insomniac Italian cartoonist crashing from a 3-day binge of 70s anime and merciless espresso shits through three different poorly-translated language filters. Note the crazy rationalizations for random shit, like "This can't be hell, look at how pretty my face is! If this were hell I would be ugly, and look like the devil!"

Hydrogen: "If they wanted to hurt us, they wouldn't be nice!"

Trillaphon: "This strange liquid couldn't be harmful, it's such a pretty color!"

Hydrogen: Between this and the oddly sinister musical numbers, I may never be able to sleep again.

Trillaphon: I dunno, I kind of like all the hamfisted foreshadowing; it really inches the plot forward with the kind of subtlety and nuance you rarely find outside of snaggle-toothed hags hocking cursed talismans at vaguely racist oriental ghost bazaars during the cloying setup phase of Spielberg flicks.

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