This is your dream too. You just don't know it yet. I've included a bunch of pictures of dogs on boats (that I found in the forest) with my commentary and expert analysis.

I don't know if this dog is on a boat or just sitting on the pier. Either way he deserves a spot in this article as much as any dog.

Dogs on boats are great, but even dogs get tired of it at some point and yearn for dry land. Practice moderation, please.

Few cats enjoy boats. This one decided to go on a boat but regretted it shortly thereafter.

Small dogs enjoy boats, but I wouldn't recommend it.

This dog has been put in charge of the lookout post.

If you like dogs on boats you might like this picture.

Here is a funny picture of a dog being silly on a boat.

This looks like a painting of a dog just hanging out on a boat. It may not be a real picture but somewhere a dog is doing this right now.

This isn't a dog on a boat, but I knew you guys would like the thick white booty in jeans look.

Don't board this ship! Dog on duty!

This dog is just a stock photo model employed by the iStockphoto company. But someday he's going to have a boat of his own.

This dog hit the jackpot. He's on a boat orgy during the perfect storm. Good dog!

No offense to the skipper, but he looks like Captain Queer to me. See what not having a dog on your boat makes you look like?

Now here's a bad ass with a dog. He's so bad ass his screen name is "bADaSSdude75".

Helpful devices like this give your dog easier access to the port bow, whatever that is!

I told you, Linda, I'm not letting your cat come aboard if all he's going to do is sleep the whole fucking time. We've been over this. This is bullshit.

There is something special about a man sailing with his dog. As the great author and dog owner Mark Twain once said, "There is nothing greater in life than a dog on a boat."

And one day it'll be your dog on your boat. Just keep dreaming.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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