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Dear M. Usher,

I was tore up in de guts ta hea ya Bieber done runned amok. I understand de boastin today and only hope ta teach him a gentleman way.

Buddy Breaux
Sing Pappy

Dear M. Usher,

I was throwd de leftova parts to de cocodrie when de truck arrive wid de Bebe Bieber. He was small as ya said and did not hesitate to bite at my crew. I have put him on a rope to de biggest of de back trees and let him contend wid de mosquito for de night.

I told him, I called him de Bebe, and I told him getchu a pepper and put de barrel in reach. He was spittin mad and could not be bothered. Such a language on de Bebe. Oh, make de bayou blush, M. Usher. Maw cook him up Étouffée. He jus kicked it down. Made a mess.

Figure to write again soon, surely with a better news.

Buddy Breaux
Sing Pappy

Dear M. Usher,

wored de heavy gloves out use to handle de lil cocodries. Bebe got his bites in for sure, but he calmed hims down and got to de peppers. Ate em up two reds and a yellow. Like dem yawm yawm peppers. Calm de Bebe.

Got him to sing on his song "Baby" and I says to him, "Bebe, like de baby. Like it a lot when ya say 'baby' nine times like dat. Make sure they know what ya sayin." Den I explained de song writin process. Not for certian he heard de single word I said.

Told him write what ya know. I got de song "Horsehoe" about gwon to de fish fry have de good time, throw de horseshoe. Got de song "Air Plane" cuz in de wah I saw de air plane high up in de sky. Bebe maybe write a song about de bug like de rolly bug live neath de rock. Try dat song out wid him. He bit me terrible on part of my arm wasn't covered up full and so I went inside for de unguent.

M. Usher, I aint certain de boy can be taught. I will sure feed him de pepper, teach him not to boast overmuch, and show him writing de songs. Can't do much more.

Buddy Breaux
Sing Pappy

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