To everyone on the Facebook content team, I hope you are having a productive week!

Recent controversies centered on Internet hate speech being permitted to flourish in Facebook Groups has prompted the admins to issue a revision to the Facebook Moderator Manual. We want to provide a platform for people to speak their mind, even if their thoughts are something we would find hateful or repellent. Freedom of expression is what Facebook is all about. However, we are not about letting anybody see a titty. So going forward we need to be certain we distinguish Nazi Groups from any sort of titty-themed Group.

To repeat, Holocaust Denial, Nazi, and Pro-White Nationalist Groups are fine as long as they do not directly threaten to specifically murder someone by name, or feature any big old titties.

Differentiating Between White Nationalism and Titties

During the course of your moderation duties, if you think what you see on Facebook is a titty, but you're not sure, it could be hate speech, please consult the following table.

IncidentIs it White Nationalism/Hate Speech?Is it a titty?
A photograph of something Caucasian flesh-colored and very pinkPossibly, be sure the comments are all people talking about RaHoWa and saying things like, "Wayne looks like a badass swinging that Tiki torch!"Possibly, check comments for references to "Damn look at this titty!"
A photograph of Hitler with "This guy had good ideas, like eliminating Jews."Yes, we are fine with speaking to the benefits of exterminating Jews and celebrating Hitler.No titty here, but remain vigilant for titties.
A detailed denial that the Holocaust happened or possibly happened but that the Jews were criminals and deserved it.Yes, Facebook is about letting people ask the big questions about anyone they feel are lesser races worth of extermination.Not a titty, but be on the lookout.
A chart showing the extra bone in a Negro and labeling it "the monkey bone" and saying it's what causes their aggression.Yes, theories about negro aggression and biological distances are worth being discussed by a Group called "Eliminate Darkies."
Titty or not, it's a medical context so it's fine.
Video of a black man being killed by police under the headline, "Coon Had it Coming!"Yes, this is good. We want this on Facebook.Unlikely, but watch the entire video to be sure there are no titties seen at any point.
A photograph of a woman in a bra and you can see part of her areola.No! Unless she is giving the Nazi salute, we may have one hell of a problem on our hands.TITTY! ALERT! TITTY DETECTED! Ban this person from Facebook and take action against the Group "Nursing Bra Education."
A strip tease video.
Probably not, but watch the entire video to be sure this isn't a "kitsch" neo-Nazi burlesque.
Titty! Unless those bouncing beauties are decorated in iron crosses and Viking runes, they have to go!
A picture of naked women being marched through a concentration camp with the accompanying text, "SO LONG JEWS!"Yes, the Holocaust exists as both real and not real in many hate communities, so this historic photo can still be perfectly valid hate speech.Titty! But hold up, before you ban this person, this is a historical photograph of the Holocaust (if it happened) so titties are permitted.

If you have any further questions regarding titty content, please contact our Titty Desk and one of our admin helpers can point you in the right direction to respond to your titty crisis. Please try to minimize time wasted on looking at white nationalist imagery and text so we can focus our time where it is most needed: eliminating titties.

– Facebook Admin (@sexyfacts4u)

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