God bless the Internet for allowing people like this to gather in one single medium and fully express their outrage at the world. Here's an example of some of the supportive emails I've received since yesterday!

On 9/3/05, Saul Good saintrobot@gmail.com wrote:
serves you right asshole, plus your daughter is a dirty slut.

Note: my daughter is two months old, so she hasn't even had a chance to become a slut yet! That happens when kids turn 11 years old in America. Feel free to email me back then and we'll see.

On 9/2/05, english man dry_englishman@hotmail.co.uk wrote:

My glee at the fact that your site is down is somewhat tempered by the fact that it will probably return. Oh, well.

While I have donated support to the people devasted by Katrina, I seriously doubt that your words of concern are little more than a sham. The only thing you love is money. You don't give a damn about the suffering, you just want your precious little website to pop back into existence.

All your pretend concern regarding the suffering of these innocent people doesn't change the fact that you are a posturing asshole.

Best Regards,

The Dry Englishman

Yeah, god forbid I donate over $3,000 to a relief fund while I'm concerned with getting my business running! I should, instead, be spending my time insulting people through email! Thanks England! This guy also sent three other emails, threatening my wife and family and bragging about knowing our home address. It's nice to know that during a national crisis, people still have time to threaten my wife and two-month old baby.

On 9/3/05, PipisAwesome@aol.com PipisAwesome@aol.com wrote:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Internet makes you stupid.

On 9/3/05, Pat Gerz gerzie@gmail.com wrote:

Why the hell are you guys caring now?! The shit thats happening in New Orleans and the surrounding area is happening everyday somewhere else in the world. Why should we start caring when it happens in this country? This has blown way out of proportion people are calling it the worst disaster in a decade, I declare bullshit! I know how much of a government fuck up this has been and I can't say that I'm suprised. But it'll pass, so get over it.

You guys feel bad because you mocked the hurricane don't you? You shouldn't, I made fun of it a lot more then you guys did and I don't care what happens.

Don't tell me that what is happening now shouldn't be happening here, because it should be. This even should open up peoples eye's to whats going on elsewhere in the world, people don't seem to realize that in entire countries there are people living and dieing in their own filth. If your going to care, do it worldly. I don't care and I do it worldly.

Pat Gerz

Well Pat, we never once "mocked the hurricane." Zack mocked the news media's infatuation with the pre-hurricane "let's offer nonstop coverage and panic and fear just so we'll make advertising revenue and big ratings" scheme that every news network does every time they think they can capitalize on our fear. Some of you people need to lose your knee-jerk reaction. And we're sorry we don't feature the same brazen, award-winning apathy as you. We'll work on it though, and until then, please inform us what emotions we should have and when.

Also some of you people seem to be conveniently forgetting SA / Zack raised over $22,000 to buy armor plating for the US soldiers in Iraq. Some of the folks on our forums raised over $6,000 to buy toys for children with fatal diseases in hospitals. But hey, I guess apathy is awesome and I'm a real asshole, right?

It's nice to know that in a time of crisis, people all across the Internet can band together in the ultimate sign of unity, forget all their differences, and join forces to spend all their time and energy trolling people.

Thanks to all the people who've send colocation / hosting offers, and to the folks spending their time trying to insult me over email: you need a better hobby.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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