The GSA, which stands for Genetic Sexual Attraction, promotes the tolerance of sexual relationships between family members. It's just a nicer way of saying Incest Fetish Forum. You'll never find a more well-adjusted lot than on GSA. These are folks who fantasize about their sisters and count the days until the restraining order against them is up so they can once again tell them their true feelings. Look, the heart wants what the heart wants. Who are you to judge them? A normal human being, of course, so let's get to the judging!

I hope this Weekend Web finally gives you the courage to ask your half sister out on a date.

There's only one way this can be resolved, a triple murder-suicide!

But Auntie, I love being molested! Please don't stop! Wahhh!

A disease? Yeah, I'd say you are all diseased.

No no no, you misunderstand. I'm a pedophile, not a child molester. There's a WORLD of difference!

I can't question your particular reality, but I'm pretty sure the boys in law enforcement are able and willing to do just that!

At least this guy is determined. You gotta admire the effort to make his sister his lover.

03/29/2009: Finish the Fight.

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