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This could be OUR AMERICA:

Over my DEAD BALLS! Barf-sock Hurlbuckets may be ready to surrender to the jihadis, but I am one PATRIOT American who doesn't DAMN AS SHIT remember us losing the war on terror!!! Pardon my Freedom.

This is the poster I have downstairs in my workout room next to the old BowFlex. I like to look in the eagle's eye when I'm wokring my core and focus my anger into intense cardio.

The mullahs are acting like they conquered us and can just raise up their devil altars wherever they please and honor kill all of their beautiful daughters. They may have HOMOCIDE BOMBED the Christian World Trade Centers, but this war ain't over, fellas, and I've got almost nearly one hundred people on my weekly mailing list ready to fight to protect our shores.

From Battle Creek to Buffalo, from Culver City to Hot Springs, let the trumpets sound and the eagles soar. It is time for us to GATHER. OUR. ARMIES.

I have created an online petition that will CRUSH the moslem invaders. All you have to do is sign your oath of allegiance and sign the petition and you are ACTIVATED for duty in the militia. In case you don't sign online petitions I have reproduced the oath here, all you have to do is open this image and look into its eyes and hold up your hand and roar the oath below like a mighty USA lion.

I, the undersigned, do hereby swear an oath of allegiance to the USA, its flag, English as our language, freedom, the right to bear arms, a refusal to accept the authority of Barack Hussein "Barry Sotoro" Obama. I agree to fight with all options including second ammendment options to prevent the jihadis from building a monument to their degenerate god over the graves of 3,000 American patriots. I agree to stand outside and shout where I am needed, I agree to deploy all of my nylon camping chairs, with or without cup holders. I agree to create slogans and relentlessly use images of people jumping out of the world trade center as needed to preserve freedom from religion. I will always fight for America, even when America is ruled by illegitimate unconstituational presidents who achieved power through lies and trickery and are intent on destroying our economy through increased regulations and rampant tax hikes on the very people who are needed to drive growth in business: rich people. Also, marriage is between a man and a woman only.

Congratulations. You are now USA PATRIOT TOUGH. If you want to you can also sign up for my mailing list which is a mix of technical discussion of fax machines and my political commentary about our current liar.

Don Larry

Battle Creek, MI


"It's Hymietown!" - Anti-Semite Racist Colored Person (it's what they call themselves google NAACP) Jesse Jackson, Democrat

– Don Larry Patriot Report (USA PATRIOT TOUGH) (@sexyfacts4u)

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