IMDB user lists allow film buffs to rank movies and creators, spurring meaningful conversations about the medium. At least I think that was the idea. 90% of the lists look like this:

To be fair, not everyone is small-minded. Check out the number of people on this guy's list.

It's also about exploration.

steelerfan19 begs everyone to please stop being so shallow.

Small note to keep in mind while looking at the next one: There is no show called The Fireplace. Just a minor detail.

Sorry. Im Sorry. Im trying to revise it.

This user posits that an actress can be attractive without being a good actress.

Dude, I love far East Pleasures.

peperonni123 invents a classification system that threatens to topple Dewey's legacy.

Not every list is about women that creepy dudes want to collect in oversized jars. Some lists are also about utter nonsense!

I like my women how I like my BBQ: Sticking to my hippocampus.

Congratulations to the actresses who some guy found attractive in spite of their "off standart" features. Finally, validation for all those years of hard work.

I wanted to like Best Of Woman, but I preferred Woman Christmas Album.

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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