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Congratulation! You have a fruit!

A fruit is not ready currently. You must prepare a fruit. The color of a fruit is green. The color of a fruit to taste great and put inside your body is red.

A fruit when green is furious.

You propose that? Not a good idea!

A green fruit become a food is bad. A fruit at green carries a vengeful riposte.

Do not bite. Get a pot.

A fruit is small when green. A pot is small.

To love a life a fruit needs earth. Take some up from your earth and give it to a pot.

Tenderly place a fruit on a side. The knife cuts deep. The sharper the edge, the less the pain.

Speak to a fruit within the trauma. "You are not all we need," tell a fruit. "We need the top only. I love you fruit. You will be happy. You will be happy."

The blade is through. The eyes of a fruit close and a tear comes. Do not cry, fruit. Say it.

"Do not cry, fruit."

All things in this world feel pain. A lobster, a fruit, a man, a cat, a pearl, a window, a kite. They suffer. You must respect them all. A man who brings pain wantonly brings that pain onto his own self times three.

"Shhhh," tell a fruit and lift it up in your soft hands.

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