1. Instruction for a Fruit

    Instruction for a Fruit

    Instruction to take a fruit and make it grow with love and kindness. A fruit is a very good thing. A fruit must be saved. A mans from below wants to hurt a fruit.

  2. Instruction for a Babie

    Instruction for a Babie

    A detailed guide to caring after conception. Nurturing the fetus growing within your body and preparing yourself for the joyful moment of birth. Instructions on what to do with your infant after it has reached suitable age for mentoring.

  3. Instruction for a Spring

    Instruction for a Spring

    Spring here again and instruction given for a spring. Enjoy the warm sun on your soft skins. Remember the way before the cold times. A birth anew for the earths. Get the low down.

  4. Instruction for a The Bodie

    Instruction for a The Bodie

    Instructions for your growing body from an unknown but seemingly official source. Tips on nutrition as well as physical fitness that will help you be the strongest and gestate the best.

  5. Instruction for a Town

    Instruction for a Town

    Our benefactors continue the "Instruction for a..." series with a dramatic look at community life. What does it take to get by in this modern workaday world? Find out!

  6. Instruction for a Peace

    Instruction for a Peace

    These are troubled times. We must listen closely to the voice and heed its words. These instructions will surely put an end to the turmoil and restore peace to our lives.

  7. Instruction for a What?!?

    Instruction for a What?!?

    A behind-the-scenes teaser for the "Instructions for..." finale.

  8. Instruction for a THing

    Instruction for a THing

    The "Instruction for..." series concludes with this final strange message from our benefactor. What will become of us now?

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