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Q: What do you think of this?

a) I hate it
b) I think it's good
c) I think the font size should be slightly larger

Q: Which of these is best?

a) I desire the money - that precious dollar bag - above all else
b) The heart... the heart! Give me the heart
c) To me there is none better than the humble square itself

Q: Please imagine this shape upside down.

a) Uaaah! Agh! No good! Can't do it!
b) OK
c) Done. I have also imagined what the shape would be like in 3D

Q: Which one of these is best to do?

a) Taking a "selfy" and watching KIM KARDASHIAN on TV
b) Drinking a glass of water with a single ice cube. in it
c) Reading the world's most complicated novel and doing a division sum in your head

Q: Would you rather have sex or look at a computer for upwards of 10 hours every day?

a) I would rather have sex than look at the bastard computer box - loathsome devil machine from my nightmares - for even one god damned second
b) I would rather look at the computer for a thousand years without blinking once than have even the slightest bit of sex
c) I give myself up entirely to the cold hand of technology

Q: What number am I thinking of?

a) 20
b) 3
c) 57

Q: Pictured below is the hardest Free IQ Test question ever written. Can you divine the correct answer?

a) I do not even understand the question. How can one spell a word backwards? To me it is no surprise that one must be PHD Certified in order to answer this question
b) I can not - but how am I supposed to, when even the famous statue "THE THINKER" is confused
c) Try as I might, I cannot solve this puzzle, even with my towering, c)-choosing intellect

Q: What is 2+2?

a) Duh. 5
b) Between 2 and 10
c) The answer to me is so obvious. I know it

Q: Do you want to sign up to receive promotional offers from Something Awful LLC and our advertising subsidiaries?
a) No
b) No... I don't
c) Yes

"Tally up your answers and see how you did!"
Mostly As: 50 IQ [Share]
Mostly Bs: 75 IQ [Share]
Mostly Cs: 100 IQ [Share]

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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