30. 260 rolls of IndTex 1/4th Ply TruGrit Bathroom Paper

29. UpCheeser! - Do-it-yourself kit adds cheese to your favorite fast food

28. Open box/returned jigsaw puzzles

27. Something resembling an Affliction shirt featuring something resembling an eagle

26. You Ain't Vaccinating My Baby With Autism sponsored Dale Earnhardt Jr. die cast car

25. "You Are the Resistance" Terminator: Salvation Characters Go-Gurt Super Pack (128pc)

24. The Patriot - Ivory Line Male Wig for Women

23. Dankly Drips Holiday Pinecone K-cups

22. Breakfast Burrito and Salsa K-cups

21. Mexican-American Girl Doll air-brushed name t-shirt and jeggings

20. Yuletide Smoother Drywall Punch Repair Kit

19. InstaBreak Foam Indoor RC Helicopter with ShatterTec

18. Justin Bieber's Babytaint: A Fragrance for Her

17. Pet Breathalyzer

16. Methnopoly

15. Petrov Bezmelnizin's Eastern Orthodox Hymns for the Electric Harpsichord

14. Cars 2 "Mater" Reinforced XXXL Camping Chair

11. Krylon gold spray paint and paper lunch bags

10. Frank Caliendo life-size wall decal for outhouse or sex dungeon

9. Wicker hamper with stench-guard

8. The Alec Baldwin Diet book on tape and meal cards

7. Calvin Pissing bathroom mirror stencil

6. Tarps, saws, archery equipment and quicklime

5. Mexican-American Girl Doll Georgia Police Checkpoint Taze-and-Play Set

4. Scarface Poster

3. Blacklight

2. Bulk container of unbranded pretzels

1. Tube socks

God bless all the anonymous layaway heroes. They saved Christmas.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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