Recently a few photos have surfaced from my youth in my mid-twenties at medical school when I was a hard-drinking, fun-loving young man. I was foolish. I did things that did not represent my feelings about race and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Yes, it's true. I have worn blackface to a party with a klansman. I have worn blackface when I was working at a horse farm. I have put shoe polish on my face and whited out my lips when I posed next to my cherry red corvette with the giant swastika on the side.

But those images do not represent the person I am now. Remember, I was the non-racist in the governor's race. The other guy loved the Confederate Flag.

I know...I had some dalliances with the Confederate Flag. I might have painted it late at night on the segregated dorm for colored students. And I apologize just now for using the word colored, which is their word, and I have matured into a much different person since I just said that.

Also there has been some misunderstanding about by nickname in my military yearbook that listed me as "Coonman."

That is just a typo. I am actually "Conman" because I embezzled money from my job which is much better than being a racist.

It is time for Virginia to heal these racial divides I created and for all of us to come together and forgive me so I can keep being governor rather than resigning in disgrace. Y'all realize my lieutenant governor is black, right? Cuz that dog won't hunt.

– Governor Ralph "Coonman" Northam (@sexyfacts4u)

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