How dare you?

How dare you. How fricking dare you.

I can't......I can't even...what the heck? I just can't.

How dare you. What is wrong with you? It is two thousand and fourt-fricking-een. How dare you in this day and age. On this internet. How dare you!

How dare you.

How DARE you? How darererererere you. How DARRRRRREEEEEEE you.

Everybody, get a load of how this guy dares. Because he dares. How dares he? How dare she? How dare you. How does you dare? How daring of you.
You're gonna say that? You think you can get away with that? How DARE you!

You want to joke about that? How dare you. You think that is funny? You want to know what is funny? How dare you for wanting to know.

You know exactly what you're doing with that political thing. That cop thing. That mom thing. That science thing.

How dare you. Neo-Howyou is about to D.A.R.E.

HOW DARE YOU. Did you hear what they're doing? What they're up to? How dare they? Don't you care? How dare YOU.

Right on. It is a Good Thing that the Internet has become a constant open nerve in the jaw of the collective consciousness, screaming from every possible political and social perspective at maximum fury. Semper Outrage.

Because, really, how dare you.

How dare he. How dare him. How do he dare? How dare Zack Parsons?

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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