What is the transition as Pope Benedict leaves the Catholic Holy Gaming Sect?
Benedict must relinquish all admin rights to his ventrilo channel, twitch.tv account, and the twitter handle @papwncy. He must also remove the Holy Gamer Tag of p0pe from his name, playing as 3endix until he joins a new clan/team/guild.

Does this change what the Pope has said in game?
Benedict is no longer infallible while connected to servers. When he rages, he is punishable by mockery just like everyone else. However, all decrees made while wearing the Holy Gamer Tag still remain. For instance, the Church's stance on homosexuals and noobs go unchanged.

What effects will this have on sponsorship?
While no longer included in benefits and travel awarded to Team Vatican Games, Benedict may retain sponsors Razer, Cyberpower PC components, and cathlicsupply.com.

What about the Pope's worldly possessions?
Benedict must abdicate all unlocks, achievements, and Xbox Gamer Points to the Church. He is allowed to maintain all high scores and ranking earned while holding the position.

What happens while a new Pope is being chosen?
The Vatican's Sacred Alienware Game Throne shall be vacant until a new Pope is chosen. The Holy Wireless Mouse will be destroyed until a new one is crafted.

How is a new Pope selected?
The Cardinals are locked in a room until one proves victorious in the Sacred Lan Party. As per traditions, potential candidates must compete in the Holy Trinity of Games. 1) Counter-Strike 1.6, de_italy, Best of Five. Losing team is eliminated. 2) Smash Brothers Brawl. 3) The final two compete in best of five Streetfighter II Champion Edition. Both must play as Ryu. Incase of tie, someone drags out the NES for sudden death Duck Hunt. Anyone stepping too close to the screen is totally mocked. If the cartridge won't load even after blowing really hard into it, one of the cardinals usually has an emulator. Periodically, smoke is released up chimney. White Smoke: smoke break. Black Smoke: More pizza required.

What's the Pope's full title?
Bishop of Nintendo, Vicar of Sega, Supreme Pontiff of the Playstation, Primate of PC Gaming, Sovereign of the Holy Lan, Owner of all Prima Guidebooks, Always First Player.

How will this change playing with the Pope?
Benedict is no longer required to be the team's carry/leader. He can now play classes other than Priest. There is no doctrine stopping him from leveling rouge, warrior, ganker or any other roles. If you are playing with Benedict, feel free to give orders like "Buy Wards" or "Play Support."

What if I'm playing against Benedict?
Opponents of the ex-Pope may now block his Combos and use the AWP even though it's total OP bullshit.

– Ian "Salmon Season" Golding (@iggolding)

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