@MaryKoCo - Real-ass tweets from the cold, black heart of Los Angeles. Her human side comes out sometimes when there's donuts involved.

@iamcolinquinn - Colin Quinn does a fine job of endlessly trolling practically everyone, and then retweeting those who get upset. Always fantastic.

@woodmuffin - "Puns-N-Buns" is what we call him for his excellent puns and excellent buns.

@6thgrade4ever - Genuinely high-quality tweets and nothing but come out of this guy's brain. Who is he? No idea. But he's great.

@DrPeterThraft - This sex doctor whose tips are less than usual and had suffered a heart attack earlier this year is either probably fake or dead, but he's still worth following because he's that good.

@UtilityLimb - Formerly known as "the bi bandit" (no idea why he changed it), follow this guy and lots of surreal stories encapsulated in 140 characters will be your reward... when/if he returns from his self-imposed pre-tweet-666 exile.

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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