NARRATOR: And Blizzard's extensive network of discussion forums and feedback addresses are a part of that farce. We decided to ask Jonathan why he continues to support a company that makes him so angry and couldn't possibly care what he thinks.

REPORTER: If the game makes you angry, and Blizzard has no idea what they are doing, why don't you make good on your promises to cancel and just stop playing the game?

JOHNATHAN MALFOY: Heh, you think I'm going to talk to Frontline? You guys haven't aired any interesting episodes since the early 90s.

REPORTER: Wait just a minute here. I asked you abou-

JOHNATHAN MALFOY: Yeah, some serious journalism you've got going there. How do you feel that more people watch "To Catch A Predator" in one night than people have watched Frontline in 24 years? Truth hurts, doesn't it, you incompetent nobody.

REPORTER: You son of a bitch!

NARRATOR: At that point the interviewer lunged for Malfoy's throat but Malfoy let out a massive fart, sending our reporter reeling back, hitting his head on the coffee table in the process. The paramedics performed CPR, but pronounced him dead at the scene.

Our story doesn't end here. Nerds will continue to rage as they have in the past since the beginning of the Internet. They will rage because that's all they have. They will rage because of that eternal hope that someday, somebody, will listen.

ANNOUNCER: This report continues on Frontline's web site, where you can watch the full program again online, access extended interviews with our experts, learn the brain chemistry behind nerd rage, and take a test to find out what kind of nerd rage you are. Then join the discussion at

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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