Roughly three years ago we did a theme called "Game and Movie Hybrids" that saw the Something Awful Forum Goons combining video games and movies in creative ways. Well, a lot has happened in the last three years, namely us running out of ideas for new themes. That, and everybody forgot we even did that theme in the first place. Intrepid Internet guru Duckula started up a new round, and his fellow forum goons followed suit, creating a ridiculous number of funny images. So much so that we're spanning this into two features, concluding it sometime next year. Enjoy part one!

Duckula was told to make this picture by a talking barn.

Mighty Scoop shot this picture when it tried to trespass on his farm.

The best moments in life involve Siminu getting hit with various comical props until he cries.

The warmth of this image is teaching Slybo how to live and love once more.

TheSwami was expelled from Hamburger University for plagiarism.

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