The story of this migration handbook made by the Mexican government caused quite a bit of discussion on the Something Awful Forums, and a whole lot of fun when pages from the book popped up online. Naturally, the goons took it upon themselves to translate the book into English. Unfortunately, it appears some serious inaccuracies appeared in the translation process. In the interest of science, please enjoy these poorly translated pages from "Guide for the Mexican Immigrant," available wherever bestsellers are sold.

Legatissimo got this party started by laying out a funky beat and then dancing.

kardinal should lay off. The guy did his time. He paid his debt, okay?

FatGuyMac doesn't promote the Christian values I hold close to my heart.

Jaime really gets my blood pumping with all this talk about immigration.

mannik endorses the kind of lewd behavior that makes porno so hard to watch with family around.

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