While the rest of the Internet was ranting about Ben Affleck as Batman, SA Forums posters preferred to proactively brainstorm about casting choices and plot twists that might affect another 2015 franchise film -- the 4th Jurassic Park! With Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow at the helm, Jurassic World will surely deliver bittersweet magical realism and subtle romantic scenes, leaving Goons to speculate about wild-card elements such as "dinosaurs" and "action"!

Stick Figure Mafia

They need to cast Jason Statham in this film. I don't know who he will play, and I don't know how they will shoehorn him into the plot. He just needs to be in it. I want a scene where Jason Statham is riding a dinosaur dammit.

I am so serious about this.


Sir Nose

Stick Figure Mafia

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