Indiana Jones is one of the most beloved action heroes of all time, right up there with the likes of Han Solo, President James Marshall, Rick Deckard, and Bob Falfa. Oh wait, oops, those were other Harrison Ford characters. With his globetrotting quests for rare and ancient treasures, as well as his flair for getting into over-the-top action, he captures hearts like a stroke. Unfortunately Indy has only been in three actual movies not counting that TV series about his boyhood adventures that nobody ever watched. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons sought to right this wrong by bringing you all the Indiana Jones you can possibly stomach and more! Grab your whip and start yelling about snakes, because we're off!

"His Divine Shdoaw" is the man who started the action in this week's Phriday! Strangely enough, here is a picture he made:

"squirrelslayer" decides to miscast Hunter S. Thompson in the role of Indiana Jones, creating insanity beyond all measure:

"Planet Idiot" clashes action heroes, although one of them isn't very good.

"Trisomy21" casually let's Indy's edge glisten with blood:

"Unkempt" might be a bit off with this one but I'd still watch it:

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