Movies are perhaps best known as the vehicles that drive us to the land of imagination, wherein we are pampered as honored guests and respected as champions. Movies are also the windows we look through to see other worlds, which are often independent of one another. In this Photoshop Phriday, our distinguished panel of artists show just what life would be like if the movies we all know and love were given sweet union. Like the well-oiled marriage of two machines, we see sparks fly as the love commences. Join us now, as we celebrate cinema in love.

NovaHunter got things started with this hilarious crossover! LOOK OUT ARNOLD; YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET A FACE FULL OF ARNOLD!

MariusMS knows when the best time to get high is.

Kiljadi isn't the real killer – he's the artificial killer!

Vorpal Bunny wonders what would happen if you combined Naked Gun with Terminator! I wonder, too, but I must confess I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it.

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