In a sort of sequel to the "Plane Common Sense" Comedy Goldmine, the Something Awful Forum Goons are once again butchering those awful plane safety pamphlets you see in every flight. Although they might not seem like much, in the event of a catastrophe they are the only thing that can save you from being torn to pieces by the proverbial werewolves of the sky. Now, thanks to the Goons, they will help you die smiling as you hurtle through the sky in a giant ball of fire towards ultimate death.

RipVTide got this week's theme rolling with this picture he made with love and affection.

sulfuric is a leading exporter of grapes and a growing importer of raisins.

SubG is done with this image, so he can clock out and call it a day.

Edisons Ghost was created in a lab to showcase multiple light sources.

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