At first glance, this seemingly random assortment of images might look like a glorified variety pack, just the sort of broad "Photoshop Anything" theme you might expect to find published on a holiday weekend. But all these contributions really did originate from the same "Skewed Reality" thread, started by forums member Fenring, who urged his fellow SA Goons to "take everyday things and fuck them up a bit." Pretty much every Photoshop that's ever appeared in Phriday has involved skewed reality to some degree, so this was basically a wide-open theme. Rather than being petrified by the possibilities, the Goons seized this rare opportunity for some freestyle creativity.


Lizard Combatant

Captain Hugs


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Photoshop Phriday showcases the tremendous image manipulation talents of the Something Awful Forum Goons. Each week they tackle a new theme, parodying movies, video games, comics, history, and anything else you can think of. If you want in on the action, join us on the Something Awful Forums!

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