More Anarchy Than You Can Shake a Lagged Stick At!

NEWSFLASH! The "free" trial period of Anarchy Online has recently been shut down, as FunCom has deemed the product "110% in order and correct." This means that the product has had 110% of ALL known bugs and errors fixed, thereby shaping it up into prime reviewable material! That's such good news since I've been waiting to review the game but haven't been able, as I wanted to wait until FunCom told me I could go ahead! You know, because I run this site just to please game companies and kiss up so they may provide me with future "exclusives" regarding their products.

Anyway, I have just posted my brand new review of FunCom's 110% bug-free game, Anarchy Online. This title has a large assortment of ingenuitive and exciting "features" that many other games didn't dare release with their product, such as the "crashing to desktop" feature and the "unplayable game" feature. Here's a few screenshots to get you warmed up for this incredible and 110% completed game!

Exciting! What a wonderful set of bugs features! Head on down and read the official review of Anarchy Online, which is 110% in order and correct!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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