What's our final move?

Modus Pwnens

Pretend to gratefully welcome him back into your life and your manor, then as soon as he's asleep, have him arrested and charged with committing every foul act you perpetrated throughout the story. Put out a reward for witnesses who saw him skulking around the crime scenes in your wake. At his execution, make sure the last words he ever hears is, "You're not my dad." Wash down the taste of victory with a cool glass of fresh milk delivered straight to your manor.

Epic High Five

We should set Jeff up in a cozy cottage on one of our estates to live out his days in comfort with our mother, under the agreement that A) our mother is never to be made unhappy and B) the 16 foot oil painting of ourselves in the living room is never to be brought down Let him never doubt at whose whim he lives.


Bring mum and Jeff to the estate, keep them in luxury. Constantly berate Jeff as a lay about do nothing with no job and secretly use your connections to thwart his every attempt to be his own man.


Roll eyes, cut his head off and slam the door shut. Ugh, what an ass.


Surprisingly we go for 365! I really thought you'd just kill him.


Cheers to all responsible for this epic adventure of Gilganixon's making and the Goons' choosing!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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