We've finally arrived at Bilgeton, the final stretch of this quest. Where should we begin our search?


First things first - gotta hook back up with our ten foot Pole. I think he gave us the name of a bar or inn or something to meet him at. And we definitely owe him a drink for helping us out with the guards a few days ago.

Epic High Five

This and let's find out where this Tedblad guy lives, we've got a villa to claim!

Dr Cheeto

We can still steal Ted's identity after we meet up with Karol, right? I don't want to bluff these chumps without a 10-foot archaeologist behind us and a skeleton in our knapsack.


The problem with stealing Ted's life is that people might expect us to do...Ted things.

Whereas, if "Ted" just so happens to leave everything to "Whatever our real name is", then we're free to continue being a lazy piece of shit with no marketable skills outside of Elvish Persecution while living high off Ted's wealth. Plus, no needing to cover our tracks when people who know him show up and want to talk or prove we're a fake.

All the good stuff, no chance of responsibility.


There's a small majority in favour of tracking down the Pole as a first order of business and then running some elaborate scam where we pretend to be a knight and steal everything he owns. There are two inns in the town: the Hoary Boar is a sleazy dump and the New Naracourte is far swankier. We go to the Hoary Boar:

Al Borland

I say we buy a round of drinks to get the attention of our friendly 10 ft Pole and maybe conquest some lovely dwarven women tonight.

Jenkem Delivery

Karol is actually an amazing wingman


Yup, gotta get Karol back in the group and then the two of us will tear through the hen party like a couple of foxes.


We add 30 to the page number, which is the Pole's signal:

We have two leads. One is to go find the milkman, the other is to go rip off Tedbald, the knight we are currently impersonating. Karol would probably help with either.

Before that, the more immediate choice: We could try it on with the dwarves again, this time with a wingman, or hit the hay and get up bright and early, or do something else.

Epic High Five

I vote we drink with Karol for a bit, make another pass at the dwarf ladies, and if it doesn't work then sneak into Tedbald's place with the intention of forging papers leaving all his shit to us.


We'll try our luck with the ladies now we've got our wingman back (127)

Of course there's a hitch. We have the cock-eye. Turning to 340:

So that all went to hell pretty fast.

1) Do we want to fight Savage Sid or throw in the towel? He's tough but we're in good shape and have some fancy gear so we'll probably win. But even if we win:

2) We have a shitty bartender and guards running to the scene. At least Karol got away. What is our immediate next move?


Bravely run away

Monkey Fracas

Attach the cockeye to someone else and claim mistaken identity if we are able


Stare Sid in the eye and eat the cockeye.


In the interests of getting past this hurdle, we surrender, which will let us do most of the above. Turning to 205:

I don't think we're welcome there any more, but whatever. We now turn to 46:

We're rapidly coming to the final pages of this adventure...

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