As part of my "once a month, every so often" tradition, we're running another Variety Pack. The Variety Pack is a way to give some greater exposure to the smaller Photoshop threads that pop up on our awful forums. This week we're running two very different threads that confront two very serious topics.

Bum Signs From Hell: the homeless are everywhere, and as far as I can tell, there is no hope of ever escaping their menacing stares and charity requests. Because most people lack the ability to properly speak to the homeless, and because the homeless are apparently only wealthy in cardboard scraps and markers, signs seem to be the premiere medium for their begging. Every self-respecting bum has some kind of polite or depressing sign meant to charm the change out of your pockets. The Goons decided to make those signs even more charming.

Food Hybrids: what of you were given the god-like ability to combine two of your favorite foods into one tasty treat? Would you abuse your power, or would you use it for the purposes of good? Since this is probably the worst god-like power to be granted, there isn't much point in doing anything good with it. It shows in these disgusting meals.

And we're off!

"caldrax" tries to con us all. I glower dubiously.

"Alaska" (not the state) submitted this (the image, not the smell of urine):

"Denzil Quixode" finds poor Pac-Man out in the street. No doubt because of that whore of a wife Mrs. Pac-Man turned out to be.

Fun fact: "Madoushi" was the second person to use this joke, and his also looked the worst. Since it was about Fark, I went with his.

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