Season's greetings, strange reader-types! My alcoholism reared its ugly head again, so that means we're back with another edition of the Photoshop Phriday Variety Pack! What's in the name of Moth-Ra's colon is a variety pack you ask? Put in simple terms, the variety pack is a collection of manipulated digital images spanning multiple categories, topics, and themes harvested from different Photoshop threads sired by members of the SA Forums. This week I stole two threads that just weren't long enough (or were saturated with poorly made images) to sustain a whole feature, so now I unite the best of both, combining their powers like quirky wonder twins. Let me give you cats the 411 on these fine threads:

The Adventures of Baseball Boy: this thread was based around editing a rather strange picture of a boy gifted with the power to levitate when he sticks his fingers in his nose. What fun can you have with a flying nose picker? The answer, my friends, is SOME!

The Man-Chair Cometh: when ordinary forum goon "publicblast" came across a picture of a chair in the shape of a man (anatomically incorrect, thankfully), he knew what had to be done. The Man-Chair will shake the very foundations of your soul and make you fear the notion of sitting down forever. Unless you're very fat, in which case gravity will get the best of you.

On with the show!

Let's start things off with the misadventures of Baseball Boy. Here is the source picture the goons savaged:

"Nicky Lemons" enjoys beating kids.

"Jazz Hands" is just brutal.

"flumphead" delivers a swift kick for good measure.

"wally" continues the brutal beatings.

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