In case you live under a rock or recently gave up being Amish, superhero movies are all the rage these days. Sure, most of them stink, but that doesn't stop millions of oily nerds from getting worked up in a manner that's as awkward to watch as it is to comprehend. I myself am a recovering comic book nerd, so I can't help but get excited knowing the exploits of various characters I'm mostly indifferent to will be gracing the big screen in a poorly made movie that changes all those tiny little details I spent years learning and wasted vital brain space storing. Even with faults, superhero movies tend to be fairly fun to watch, at least more so than the average crapfest movie where super powers are as absent as spandex. To prove this fact, the goons of our swarthy forums were tasked with transforming normal movies into superhero movies. As you know, we're results oriented here, so here are the results!

A strange creature named "Como" created this:

"King Metal" made this disturbing image.

Even though I hope Kevin Smith gets eaten by a shark, I'm cutting "Pavil" a break.

Huzzah, it's "SirRobin"!

"Quickpull" is very excited about his ideas.

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