In today's episode of Truth Media Flame Mail Bonanza readers respond to the Truth Media Halo 2 review that was posted last week. Marvel at real people who got really mad at a fake review. It's out of control!

From: "Calum Sinclair"
Subject: what are you doing

it is people who do things like this that are losing your site credit, it's not even funny. If you are smart you will remove this rating from your site, if you are smart you will play halo 2 and see exactly what in this article is true. I'm not a fanboy, I just feel soory for something awful.

If I were a smart person, and God knows I'm not, I would not remove the rating from the website. In fact, I should put it up on billboards and busses and tattoo it onto my forehead. Let's face it, people love controversy. Nobody would read this website if we didn't do what we do. Our fans thrive on other people's suffering, anger, and discomfort. They love it, and so do I. A website about being nice and accepting everybody and their opinions does not get the traffic that a website that pisses everyone off does.

I'm a goddamn genius.

From: "Jon Perry"
Subject: Halo 2 review

sniff sniff... i smell a PS2 fanboy
your review of halo 2 was one of the worst i have ever read... i think that my I.Q dropped a few points after reading your incorrect facts. who the hell are the coveners? there was your complete ignorance of the fact that there is double the number of weapons in this game from the last one. a new variation on the warthog a boost feature on covenant vehicles as well as 2 new ones(you could argue that the wraith isn't new but could you drive it in the last game?) if your "apparent attention to detail with the multiplayer maps" was working when you "played" and i have that in quotation marks because i seriously doubt you have played this game you would know that the "Keyes" that is a big part in this game happens to be our old friends daughter Amanda key es. The master chief working for the covenant? I'm thinking you mean the part where you play as an elite... does "The Arbiter" ring a bell. probably not. i am willing to bet that the only things you saw from this game is E3 foot
back when the game wasn't even finished. for your information co-op mode is horizontal as in player 1 on top and player 2 on the bottom. and then there's your "newer thompson drive" if you wanted new you would get the even newer DVD drive. another hilarious point of yours to debunk. first month of release... i don't even need to continue form there. the game came out on November 9th. thats a total of 4 days... so unless the entire world adopted a new calender thats not even a week. my last point is this. you bitch about Halo 2 being a game thrown out there to make a quick million or two. and then you recommend GTA: San Andreas... tell me kind sir. how many GTA games have there been? 2 for the playstation, and three for the PS2 and you say that Microsoft is in it for the money? hilarious. that ends my ranting about your obvious lack of knowledge on the subject of halo 2 no please do the world a favor and get your facts straight before you complain about something.
Jon Perry

Sniff sniff. I smell bullshit! Hey buddy, let's get a few things straight about the PlayStation 2. The PlayStation 2 is made by the Japanese. My father didn't get killed at Pearl Harbor just so I could turn around and buy a Japanese video game system. No fucking way. That's unamerican. The only products I buy are made in the U-S-of-A. I'll be god damned if I ever buy anything made in that evil country. Sure, I have to take everything back after a few months because it doesn't turn on anymore or has caught fire, but that's how much I love my country goddamnitt. Everytime I see a kid walking out of a store with a PlayStation 2 I kick him in the nuts. No kid is going to be influenced by the devil Japanese.

I love my country too goddamn much to let that happen.

From: "john df"
Subject: Dear, Nigger HALO OWNZ HALO OWNZ

You should kill yourself NIGGER, you have herpes and your mom has AIDS bitch. HALO OWNZ NIGGER, GO PLAY YOUR CRACKHEAD GRANDTHEFT JEWISH NIGGER LOVING GAME.

Wrong ethnicity, John. I took the liberty of rewriting your email for you. I hope you don't mind.

You should kill yourself SPIC, you have the clap and your mom makes shitty TAMALES bitch. HALO OWNZ WETBACK, GO PLAY YOUR CRACKHEAD GRANDTHEFT ESE LOCO BURRITO LOVING GAME PACO.

I'm always glad to see that the KKK is reading Something Awful. We need everybody. Even the assholes.

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