This week, the Goons started Photoshopping product placements into movie stills. The theme was very open ended, though, as the Goons quickly started coloring out of the lines and incorporating all manner of corporate imagery into not just movie pictures, but other kinds of pictures as well. The final results are something hard to classify, but easy to enjoy. Much like a good ship, these images are quite seaworthy.

"cocoabean" started everything with this picture:

And now, the best part of every Photoshop Phriday - the page index!

"plastickiwi" just had to go for a Star Wars reference:

"Digital Arse" hints at what kind of evil really fueled the deadites.

"DrSpookles" usually has a joker up his sleeves, but not this time:

"SnuggleBot" recommends these eye drops to fellow practitioners of ultra violence:

I think "babyeatingpsychopath" made this joke for himself and the other member of the "Chain Reaction" fan club. Way to pick a winning movie, smart guy!

"Krispy Kareem" exposes a cheap bit of advertising sure to upset the three people who sat through more than five minutes of "The Abyss":

I'm pretty sure this scene was cut from the movie. "EvilJesus" resurrects it like the evil messiah he is:

Young and fruitful "Happy Noodle Boy" whippped this up:

"babyeatingpsychopath" ruins the greatest movie in the history of our universe by throwing in some prozac.

Hey, at least the facial expressions in this "illumn8d" picture seem logical:

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