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Boy Bliss

I don't know about you but like any normal person I think that having sexual contact with children is wrong. Seems reasonable doesn't it? I mean, a sexually abused child generally develops social problems, depression, and sometimes even thoughts of suicide. A sexually abused child almost always develops problems with sex later on in life. They are robbed of a healthy adult sex life in addition to things like their innocence, their youth, their innocent curiosity. They learn about sex by experiencing it firsthand. Often times these children will grow up to become the same kind of pedophiles who abused them in the first place. Sounds to me like having sexual contact with children is pretty bad don't you think?

Unfortunately by some cruel twist of fate some people like having sexual relations with children. They are steadfast in their beliefs that what they are doing is okay. They make excuses to be around young boys, like becoming a bigger brother, working at the YMCA, or becoming a "close friend of the family". A lot of time they are members of the family, such as an uncle, a grandfather, or God help us, a father. They don't always have to have intercourse with young boys. Touching, groping, holding, and staring all contribute to a sexually abusive relationship. They look at pedophilic pornography featuring children who have been sexually abused as the very act of "kiddy porn" is abuse. They make innocent pictures of children a sexual experience. In fact, many of the images in today's feature that have black boxes in them are of otherwise innocent pictures that were never intended to be sexual. We have decided to censor these images because of the sexual nature these bastards have attached to them. No child should be portrayed in such a way.

I hate pedophiles. Of all the things in life that make me blood red angry it's the sexual abuse of children. The following section is about such lowlife pricks. It's a message board called Boy Bliss, a wretched hive of lives whose souls are forfeit. Feel free to register over on their forums and let them know how you feel about men who have sexual relations with children.

Update: Those spineless pussy nobodies at Boy Bliss has closed off their forums to public view. You goddamn pussies. You fucking worthless cowards. What is there to be ashamed of? Let everyone in the free world view your wonderful posts. Goddamn cowards, all of you.

Yeah, because most parents would support having sex with children. Your mom just doesn't understand.

Gamecube, ultimate tool of the pedophile. I think Nintendo could use that in their next commercial. "Got a child you want to lick and pet, BUY HIM A GAMECUBE!"


This guy is worried that he might like boys over 11? SHIT.

They really need to add this question on those "Bigger Brothers" applications, "Do you post on BoyBliss?"

How are these men able to be around young boys so fucking much? Are these fathers? Grandfathers? Uncles? Friends of the family? I mean Christ I know people like kids and all but when you've got a guy playing Vice City with your son all day I would think that should set off some sirens in your head that there might be something wrong here.

"karl" really needs a shoulder to cry on. Don't be shy, email him and let big Karl know how great you think he is. Don't forget to email him at his other email address because we want to make sure he knows how much he is loved.

What a happy story.

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