It was just too easy this week folks. Just too easy. With the kinds of forums we're featuring today, how can they not expect us to make fun of them?

When a reader suggested the Official Simpsons Website as a forum to feature in this week's Weekend Web I expected just another message board full of TV nerds who argue about whether the show is still good or not and what the best season was (Season 3 thank you). What we found was much more horrible then a couple of fat slobs eating dinner over their keyboard and trying to find continuity errors in their favorite show and boasting how they could write much better scripts. We're through the looking glass here people. Whoever was supposed to be in charge of maintaining this website should be ashamed at the amount of rampant stupidity they have allowed to grow. Just see for yourself.

Well, as the old saying goes, it takes one to know one.

No. None.

My last girlfriend was a Mountain and I was a Pacific. It never worked out.

The greatest hell for me would be a lifetime of being stuck in one of these people's heads.

This is almost as bad as most anime forums.

This is why I love the Simpsons. The show is so finely crafted that there are jokes for morons, and jokes for geniuses. Here we see two people who got the joke, and one who didn't.

Sadly, this is very much the norm over at

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