See, the Internet is like an old lady's backyard. You've got plants, birds, and a lot of those shiny decorative orbs. Birds are people who are dumb, but won't always be dumb, since birds can sometimes be smart like when there's a car coming and they take off. Plants are people who are going to be dumb forever, and the orbs are like people who are really bad at analogies.

Exotic Dancer Forum

Yeah, a forum for strippers! Who would've known they had so many interesting things to talk about?

It's the putrid stink of shattered dreams and a failed human being.

Oh god I hope it's Oprah.

Please, nobody tell "MissPortia" that actual, real jobs also exist.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I feel confused, but I never thought getting naked for strange men would be the answer.

Finally, a company that gets mad at you for no reason.

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