When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls. When candlelights flicker and the air is deathly still, that is the time when crazy assholes who think they are vampires appear! VampireRave is the cool place where Internet vampires hang out and discuss all those things that depressed teenagers, ooops I mean vampires, discuss.

As you'll soon discover, the world of vampires isn't all fun and games. Vampires have to deal with astral projections, vampire hunters, and bitch moms who just don't understand them. Angst, drama, and despair, who knew vampires had it so rough?

Your family will always love you, but they don't really like you. You're screwed up and they're screwed up and it's just one big screwed up situation. Good luck I guess.

The goth and her mother are becoming more distant from each other and instead of attempting to close the gap and have a real conversation in an attempt to create some mutual understanding of each other, she hopes she burns in hell. That's healthy! You don't quite understand who I am and are confused on how to proceed? BURN IN HELL MOM. YOU BITCH.

Damn, a depressed teenager? You don't say. Boy, if that ain't the darnedest thing I ever did hear.

I once drank all my blood and I felt fine. I mean, it's your own blood. It'll just go back into your circulatory system. Don't worry, life will find a way. My dad is a nurse.

Instead of taking your kids to Florida take them to a therapist to prepare them for what'll happen when you break the news that you post on a forum for people who like to pretend they are vampires.

On the forums we have an old saying, "Read, comprehend, post." It's kind of annoying when people say it now but I guess a goon would say that if they saw this vampire's reply. Goons love to correct other people.

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