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More art from Poser forum members to relax your brain after all that nonsense! Before you scroll down, go put on a robe, have a little glass of wine, and get ready to get cultured in amazing eye-popping 3D!

The first piece this week has a story to go along with it:

Ryachek knew his youngest child would need milk soon, but no wet nurse was known to be close. He took Chia and Nia to a private room in the Chief of Soonacks lodge and set them down upon a wooden stool and knelt before them. Nia has no mother Chia and she is hungry, you must be her mother now my child, he said to Chia.

But how father, I have no milk to give her, I barely have breast yet, Chia questioned.

Ryachek untied Chias leather top and exposed her breast and placed the young girls nipple into the babys mouth who instinctively began to suckle.

But father . . . , she started to protest.

Your gift my daughter, thine power to heal, Ryachek said as he placed Chias other hand not supporting Nia to the breast the baby was attempting to nurse. Use thine gift my child and make the milk come forth, it is Nias only chance, he said as he cupped her face in his hand. Chia looked down at Nia as she felt the babys mouth pull on her pink bud of a nipple as the baby tried hard to get the milk she needed. Chia loved her baby sister and she had helped with her mothers pain during the birthing. She also remembered her mother May-lees last words, You must be the baby Nias mother now my love, she had said. Chia concentrated and allowed her still developing healing powers to flow into her breast as Nia suckled. She felt her breast swell with milk and her nipple grow in the babys mouth. Within moments Nia was nursing contentedly and Chia grew accustomed to the new sensations. Ryachek smiled at the special and gifted daughter he had as he rose and left them to their privacy.

This piece is titled Big Tit Chicks in Loincloths Kill a Zombie-Looking Dude and Pass Around a Baby (Probably.)

And finally, MikeHobby.

That's all for this week. I don't know about you, but I feel great! Thanks to my forum friends MrZodiac, space doctor, Seth Huber, Kermit Escobar, Remmy, HateTheInternet, Capt_Jim, John Mirra, beefile, Avatar, Lymm, Phreeky Phoenician, WhaleFarmerJohn, jackelope, Marxux, Jedimastafez, Alowisney, 19, Pookaliscious, Tyrn, Likerock, wolbachia, Machado de Assis, Edgar Screem, Adam Kensai, and Atomo.

Know of a terrible forum that should be featured in a future Weekend Web? Please send me a link!

– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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