Welcome once again to Photoshop Phriday! As we've done a whole bunch of times in the past, we're taking another stab at making terribly bad video games. We're not ones to let a dead horse rest in peace, not when we can hoist it up real high and use it as a piñata. While the grisly image of us mutilating a fine equestrian corpse is probably a bad way to start things off, I was never one to make a good first impression. Sadly, neither are most video games. While that grisly excuse for a segue is probably a bad way to transition things away from my whole horse mutilating introduction, we really have to move on. Good video games are a rare breed as always, for too many fall short of the promises and expectations of gamers. For every decent title, there are usually a hundred awful ones that compete for the precious few scraps of attention available. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons made a whole bunch of games that won't even get the chance to compete, because aborted children certainly can't be winners. Without further ado and anymore unnecessarily gruesome words from me, here are some games that will never be made!

"Unkempt" scores major points by making the coolest looking racing game ever:

"xd" knows how to look good while sucking!

"neonbubble" finally puts women in their place:

"TheAngry One" sure is a sassy cowboy!

"Unbelievably Fat Man" goes for the umpteenth Fear and Loathing joke we've run, although he spent some time on his!

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