Unfortunately there was one forum I couldn't feature this week and that was Enchanting Starz. It's a forum about up and coming teen Hollywood starlets. Ready to harvest a whole bunch of fascinating posts about white girls I decided to click on a sub-forum but instead hit a roadblock.

Oh no! They want me to register. Usually when a forum requires registration I walk away. But chatting it up about white girls just seemed too good to be true! I decided to press on and make an account.

Everything seemed to be in order and I pressed submit, licking my chops in anticipation of talking about underage actresses in intimate detail.

Ooops, I guess all that girl talk is top secret so the boys don't get in and ruin all the fun! Unfortunately, it's been a few days and my registration still has not been cleared. I will always sit awake at night and wonder what treasures lie within the Dakota Fanning forum, and all of the friends I could have met there.

But maybe one day they'll reconsider...

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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