Being a single parent is all the rage these days. Hey, who needs a father around when some guy who didn't pull out fast enough can pay for you to play house? Who needs a mother when all she's going to do is turn your son, and possibly you, gay? It's a proven fact that 90 percent of all children raised by females become homosexuals. Fortunately there's a place for single parents to congregate on the web, Single Family Voices!

They grow up so fast.

She's probably fine.

I can top that. I was in a relationship with an abusive husband and he threw a tractor tire at me. Beat that!

You don't double click the submit button, sweetheart.

The emoticons help give some color to an otherwise banal post. I love posters who go that extra mile to make the forum experience a special one.

As you can see having a kid with a woman you hate makes for all kinds of excitement in your life. Marry young, breed early is what my grandpa always told me.

Haha my son turned four! Help!

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