No matter what kind of person you are there is an Internet community full of like-minded individuals ready and willing to reinforce your beliefs and take you into a deeper hole than you are already in. It happens with furries, it happens with teenage mothers, and it certainly happens with strippers. As long as there is somebody out there as screwed up as you, you'll find them out there on the Internet.

Now we aren't the type to make judgment calls on Something Awful, but strippers are for looking, not for touching. Going any further with a dancer will result in drama and mayhem. Let the following images be a lesson to you my naive goons, getting an exotic dancer isn't the prized mule men make it out to be! Two of the most dangerous things you can do with a stripper are making eye contact or talking to them. Buyer beware!

Used to be?

Oh that's just a stripper urban legend.

Shaking your ass in front of a stranger's face while he tosses dollar bills at you will surely help you reach that zenith that much faster.

Strippers have quite the sense of humor! Here's a cool image macro I found at Fark! *flashes titties*

This guy on Facebook, man, he has all of his teeth and everything. That's the man I'm going to marry!

That's really dangerous. Let this be a lesson to you girls, don't let a stranger fish for tampons in your snatch. Call the fire department first. They are trained professionals.

Yeah, I'll let you know, you creepy asshole.

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