When we were kids most of us watched Looney Toons. Looney Toons gave us the solid foundation we needed to grow up and become the well-rounded adults we are today. We learned valuable life lessons through wacky cartoon violence and hard-hitting ethnic stereotypes, and we were better for it. Today's kids watch crap like Sonic X, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Brats. While the jury is still out on how these shows affect the minds of kids today, if the 4Kids.tv forums are any indication, the next generation is doomed.

Watch more Chobits to build the muscle mass you need to, uhm, watch more Chobits!

This is what happens when kids don't grow up with Looney Toons. They become scary psychopaths. Looney Toons showed us the consequences of violent actions! Sonic X just turns kids into furries.

This is why you don't let your children on the Internet.

Sigmund Freud would say that this dream means you want to have sex with a VCR.

Oh hey it's the next school shooter.

riley189 is demonstrating the golden rule. Act like a jerk and women will love you!

All the pedo freaks who troll kids' forums are jerking off at this post. Well, when in Rome...

The sad part is that she ain't role-playing folks!

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