"Count Von Count" will be able to use this image if he ever makes a scrapbook of that downward spiral he calls a life.

TomBigBee from the forums said the sad news is this fellow is going to crap himself to death once the PS20 comes out. I agree that it's sad, I can't wait 40 or 50 years for that.

The best stories always involve the teenager cursing at his dumb parents.

This tattoo is like a bud that will someday blossom into a giantic flower of regret.

Hey, "rtivy," don't even joke like that man. That's too freaky.

"WiFiDude" is gearing up for a whole lifetime of standing behind stupid-as-hell causes that folks in the real world couldn't care less about. Keep an eye out, because you just might see him running for president under the Prohibition Party sometime in the future.

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