I really don't know shit about Ames stores. I guess it was some dumb and boring retailer out in the dumb and boring the most boring parts of America, that sold trivial and useless shit to retarded folks stupid enough to spend their money in an Ames store. If this has offended you, and if you care greatly about the way I've mischaracterized the Ames brand, then you are probably dumb and boring, much like the aforementioned store. Fortunately, today's website is a hangout especially made for dimwits fond for Ames.

Welcome to the Ames Fan Club, your prime source for information about Ames Department Stores. Since the defunct chain's final days, our website has set out to preserve the memory, as well as archive pictures, videos, articles, and more. Here you can browse our extensive photo archive, look up an Ames near you in our detailed store locator, chat in the message board, or even help contribute!

Found behind the Winsted, CT Ames, and smuggled to shopping cart safe haven, my backyard.
My first impression upon hearing the URL for this website was that someone misspelled animefanclub.com, and the webmaster decided he couldn't just waste the 10 year domain registration. Sadly, that isn't the case - especially when you realize he also owns the domains for amesrules.com & amesstores.net. This page becomes more and more depressing, the more you read into it. You can't just dismiss it as some quirky, "Remember When" kitsch repository, for it chronicles & archives every single pointless detail of some archaic large scale commercial enterprise. And this guy is determined to follow through on his passion for Ames - he's taking time off work for road trips to look at stores. You want Ames training videos? High resolution photos of long since abandoned retail stores with vacant parking lots? An active message board of tragic souls, wistful for a better Ames time? Welcome to your new broken home.

We are looking for Bobby Burton, former Ames Remodel Team Project Manager as we want to inform him that his son has graduated college. He has not contacted family in years; if anyone knows his whereabouts please inform us via anita.*****@verizon.net It has been uncharacteristic of him to have no contact with us; yet, we are hoping that he has not expired. Thank you for your help.

Posted by Anita Burton (guest) on Thu 10 Jan 2008

older, depressed retail chain seeks to make club

This website is a case study on what happens when the great dreams of good men die. Rest in peace, whatever lay buried underneath this tribute to a commercial retail failure.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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