Today's ALOD was a website created in 1997, although it looks like it was designed back in 1995. If you are gay, a Christian, a gay Christian, or a shut in cat lady that really loves Pinocchio, this website has absolutely everything you could possibly want. Unfortunately for you, the things that you want are incredibly boring & terrible, from the incidental midi files that haunt each and every page you click on, to the haunting visage of the gay Christian webmaster stares deeply into your gay Christian soul, judging you and condemning you for not being gay or Christian enough. If this wasn't bad enough, there are also a ton of fucking words that you should never, ever read. Ever.

So, why do I write poetry, especially gay, and gay Christian poetry? Why were these poems written? I don't really know. I think, like with music composition, it is a vehicle for the inner me who yearns to express himself.

These poems are available by donation. If you are interested in receiving one for yourself, or several copies for use with a church, group, or organization, please contact me for information on multiple purchases and shipment. Single copy, available in regular form, 11" wide by 8 ½" high size. $4.00 plus $2.00 shipping and/or handling - Total donation of $6.00. Click Here...

You can even buy his shitty Jesus and Sodom erotic sonnets. In fact, for your donation, he will EMAIL you his updates to his terrible Gay Christian website, or tell you how to save pictures on his website that he took from Google, and his secret "write on that image with the Disney Font in MSPAINT" tricks. There's even a link for on this website for straight people; unfortunately it it's not a link to a different, not-terrible website. Instead it's more of the same terrible Disney music, Disney gifs and the audacity to ask for Paypal donations. The strangest thing isn't the fact that he hasn't taken the site down yet, though, it's the fact that he's been updating it regularly for more than 10 years and it still looks like Geocities throwup. Still, his diligence means this website probably has everything a Gay Christian would want to know about Gay Christians. Especially the reason not to become one.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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