Animal Pens (thanks Socket Ryanist) - In the English language we have many different words to help us describe the diseases of the anus. In the universal language of art, we have one: web comic. I guess we also have illustrations of gross butts, but they are one in the same when you think about it.

Nothing good has ever really come from the tortured medium of the web comic. Sure, there have been one or two gems over time, but they do not make up for the countless horrifying attempts at humor and artistic expression. If you were to look at a planet populated by three geniuses and three billion savage cavemen, you would not call it "the Planet of the Three Wise Men." No, you would average it out to "the Savage World" and be done with it.

For every little Achewood or whatever people are raving about these days, there are a million terrible web comics like this one. There are ones even worse than this out there, but they usually involve hardcore animal sex or stories about the various people Jesus hates as illustrated by somebody with multiple sclerosis.

Take a look below and tell me this does not exemplify everything that is wrong with the world.

Animal Pens is what happens when a sense of humor somehow ends up in a persistent vegetative state. Even though it needs to be put down because it is not really living at all and just being degraded, we delude ourselves long and hard into imagining that there is still some spark of intelligence alive inside there. That is when we have to remind ourselves that we are talking about a picture of a snake being used as a jump rope by an anthropomorphic cat. We are not preserving life or art or even showcasing human creativity here. We are interfering with nature and preventing something from being at peace. I think there has been enough prolonged suffering for everyone. I think it is time we pull the plug on this and all web comics. Maybe in the next life they will have some dignity.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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