At first glance, The A-Sylum looks like any other online forum, complete with a 35-page thread devoted to "Cat Pics :d (And other cute, furry things)." After scrolling down a bit, though, you'll discover intriguing topics such as "Asexual Porn" and "Cartoon A(nti)sexiness." See, A-Sylum, an informal variation on, offers a safe (yet puzzling) haven from the Internet's lust-driven banter. I suppose sexually inclined people who attract unwanted propositions wherever they regularly chat or post could retreat here in hiding, but they might have trouble navigating the unfamiliar nuances of the asexual mind. For example, the two photographs below appear in the "Asexual Porn" thread: Ponder the ramifications of deriving any arousal, or even enjoyment, from these images. After this exhaustive research, I've determined that asexual people are very strange, and it's probably fortunate they presumably won't breed.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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