The apocryphal organization Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up declares that wayward urine "destroys families," fostering resentment in the wives and moms who regularly wipe up the acrid yellow puddles. This mildly amusing premise connects best with readers in other countries, who might not detect the gentle mockery of protective maternal collectives and "household danger" hysteria. (Hence, MAPSU features on Dutch radio and German TV.)

However, as is so often the case on parody sites, the real entertainment value comes from frothing commenters who clearly a) don't comprehend obvious jokes b) get extremely irate about ludicrous causes c) can use any topic, no matter how transparently contrived, as a ramshackle vehicle for misogynistic and/or racist epithets. It's possible MAPSU manufactured its own reader feedback, but if so, this component of the site achieves a much higher caliber of satire than its surroundings.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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